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Cloud/Online Dokumentenmagement und Archivierung

getsix® Cloud is an On-Demand Approach

getsix® ‘Document Management’ solutions have been developed for those users who do not have the necessary resources for doing document storage in a self-hosted system. Like most Cloud based solutions, our solutions are maintained in an external data centre; there is nothing to install on your systems, which allows you to bypass all the infrastructure and maintenance issues.

We can offer continuous back-ups, archiving and Cloud storage for your files. Some companies also want to keep files in their possession, getsix® solutions can sync with your server and mirrors any changes that happen on the server, from our e-Services. This approach keeps files safe, while giving your company simple access to files via our ‘Customer Extranet’ or ‘Mobile Extranet from iPhone and iPad, and gives you peace of mind that you still have an on-site copy.

Simple Web-based ‘Document Management’

We have built this precisely for your internet browser, the web-based interface delivers familiar navigation and controls that allow you to search, retrieve and share documents.

Our web-based ‘Document Management’ system matches a traditional desktop interface, allowing you to organise your digital files into folders and subfolders. This enhances the typical features of our system like version control and document workflow. Because you do not have to take care of the infrastructure, even small business can implement their records management and real-time business processes.

Advantages of Online ‘Document Management’

getsix® Cloud based ‘Document Management’ offers a safe and secure (ISO 27001:2013 accreditation) way to generate, collaborate, and share knowledge between people in different places. Colleagues in the office, as well as those working from home offices or from external locations, can securely access and share electronic files.

Documents are Secure

If you decide on the getsix® Cloud solution, your application will be hosted on one of our servers, which are protected by professional backup procedures. Without any efforts from your side you will benefit from many features.

Our flexible commercial policy is based on the disk storage space required and number of supported users, and can be tailored to suit your needs.

Please request a quote from our office.

Last modified: Juli 4, 2022