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Rechtsberatung in Polen

Corporate legal consulting – getsix® ‘competence network’ – Legal advice in a fixed price package!

getsix® – YOUR outsourced legal department

A consultant in one of our ‘country desks’ with international and corporate experience, along with one of our ‘competence network’ member law firm constitute your external legal department.

getsix® name a personal contact person who calls in specialists from the getsix® ‘competence network’ when necessary. He/she takes over the co-ordination of all tasks in the legal & tax area and fulfils all the counselling needs for you and your employees. The contact person is chosen according to your requirements (i.e. language skills) and appropriate to your business. The services are made available according to your temporary and quantifiable needs.

getsix® benefits:

  • Competence and professional legal support, giving you advice at a fraction of the cost of your own legal department;
  • ONE contact person for all your concerns;
  • Cross-industry experience;
  • Joining experience and innovation, science and practice;
  • Match services to the needs of your organisation;
  • Optimal risk management with the highest flexibility and individuality;
  • Legal safeguard for your business model for a flat fee;
  • Direct access to over 50 attorneys, finance and tax experts in Poland.

One network, one team: A seamless, co-ordinated approach

Compliance, treasury, tax, transactions, accounting, immigration, HR, operations, governance – the list of critical issues that are important for running a business is long. When you work with getsix® legal professionals provided by our ‘competence network’ partners, you have a single point of contact to oversee the management of these and other material aspects of law regulations in Poland.

This enables you to free your general direction and other executives from the day-to-day of your agreement, allowing you to focus on your business strategy.

Whatever organisational change you are contemplating, getsix® invite you to explore the many ways our legal ‘competence network’ can assist you.

Mergers & acquisitions

Entity governance & compliance

Last modified: Juni 14, 2022